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​In his works, painter and graphic artist Christoph Mueller embodies the drama of art by taking familiar motifs and themes from art history and giving them a new dynamism and intensity. By combining traditional painting and contemporary digital techniques, his works create a fascinating tension.


Overall, Christoph Muller's works embody a connection between tradition and innovation, between history and the present. They show that the intensity of artistic expression is not only to be found in the works themselves, but also in the way they are created. Mueller intensifies the drama of art through his unique approach and offers the viewer a new perspective.



2002 - 2005 ZHAW Arts Management / MAS Arts Management (FH), Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

1976 - 1980 ZHdK Visual Design / Diploma, Zurich University of the Arts.

1975-1976 Preliminary Course in Design, Zurich School of Applied Arts.


Prizes and Awards

1986 Scholarship for visual arts, city of Zurich

1982 Study and work contribution to visual artists, Zurich

1980 Kiefer Hablitzel Art Prize,

1979 Scholarship for visual arts, Zurich

1978 Scholarship for visual arts, city of Zurich

Solo Exhibitions (selection)

2019 Sägerei Sedrun GR

2017 teo jakob Löwenbräu, Zurich

2016 Les Clos de Paulilles, Port Vendres, FR

2015 Mas Campy, Cosprons FR

1983 Gallery Wachturm, Zurich 

1983 Gallery Art Studio, Vaduz FL

1980 Gallery Handschin, Basel 

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018 Art: Scene Zurich, Kulturfolger, Zurich

1985 Villa at the Aabach, Uster

1985 Swatch International Street Painting, Basel

1979 "Pictures painted into the wind", Zurich 

1979 Exhibition Thearena , Basel Land

 Works in public collections

1982 Collector's folder with 20 selected prints,  Basel Land       

1982 Purchase of the city of Zurich

1979 Purchase of the Canton Basel-Land


Christph Mueller Studied at the Zurich University of the Arts in Design and Communication. He lives and works in Switzerland and France.

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